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View Polkadot validator list

Easily view a list of all Polkadot validators. Explore active and waiting validators, filter options, and make informed staking decisions.

Active validators
All validators currently participating in the active set.
Waiting validators
All validators which are not currently active.
Polkadot Validator Selector
Find top Polkadot validators to nominate using our Validator Selector Tool.
Alternatively, Polkadot provides a user-friendly interface at that allows you to easily view a list of all Polkadot validators. Dashboard overview To start exploring the list of Polkadot validators, go to By default, the validator list is automatically filtered. Filters can be removed and added by clicking on the 'filter' button. The following filters are applied by default:
  1. Active Validators:

    The list only displays validators that are currently in the active set, meaning they are actively contributing to the network this ERA. This filter can be important, because if a validator is in the active set it means the validator has enough nominations to also get in the active set once you have potentially nominated them. A validator which does not have enough nominations to enter the active set also cannot earn you any rewards.
  2. Exclude 100% Commission:

    Validators with a 100% commission rate are excluded from the validator list. Validators with a one hundred percent commission rate receive all validator rewards, meaning if you nominate them you will not earn any tokens from staking with them.
  3. Exclude Blocked Nominations:

    Validators that block new nominations from coming in are also filtered out. This ensures that you can view validators who are open to nominations.
  4. Exclude Missing Identity:

    Validators without an on-chain identity are not displayed in the default view. Having an on-chain identity is important as it provides transparency and allows users to know who is behind the validator. This helps build trust and accountability.

Exploring the Validator List

Once you have accessed the validator list with the default filters applied, you can explore the validators displayed. Each validator entry typically includes important information such as their name, commission rate, identity details, performance metrics, and historical data. This data empowers you to make informed decisions when nominating validators for staking. If you're unsure on how to choose the right validators for you, follow our guide over here.
Arthur Hoeke
Arthur Hoeke
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