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* only on Polkadot network, Kusama may differ

How much Polkadot will I earn?

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Easily calculate your expected Polkadot staking rewards. Please note that the following variables are estimates, actual rewards may differ.

40 DOT

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  • Last updated: 1/3/2022

Validator Tools

Easily track your Polkadot and Kusama validator performance using the free DecentraDOT validator tools.


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Polkadot is a protocol that connects blockchains — allowing value and data to be sent across previously incompatible networks (Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example). It’s also designed to be fast and scalable. The DOT token is used for staking and governance; it can be bought or sold on Coinbase and other exchanges.

Unstaking (unbonding) can be done anytime, though it takes approximately 28 days for your DOT to become transferable.

We claim your staking rewards automatically for you after the end of every ERA.

Only you can access your DOT, decentraDOT cannot move your tokens nor has ownership over them.